Sunday, August 22, 2010

Skate or Die pt.1

In order to prepare for the Redline Central Final in October I thought I'd better brush up on my skills. What better place than the skate park. I'm going downtown today. so I thought I'd visit PennVally Skate park. You know the routine. Wake up, make a cup of coffee, grab a few CDs to get the mind and body aligned for riding the skae park, head out the door, get in the car, and . . . . . .
Not the first stereo someone has ripped off from me, and I suspect not the last. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm under the illusion that I actually own my car stereos, vs the reality that I'm just renting untill one day it's repo'd.
Case and Point
About 12 year ago I got a new Alpine stereo with detachable face. I had it about a year, and never fail to take the face with me. Then one day I went to work downtown. I parked in a parking lot with a park attendent. I went into work at 8am and by 9am realized I forgot to remove the face. It was 22 degrees and snowing outside. I went back out to my car, only to find my window bashed out, and my stereo gone. . . . . aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand as you probably have already figured out, the attendent didn't see anything.
It's a lot like a year ago when I left my I-Pod in the bathroom at work, then I return to find it 10 minutes later, and the I-Pod was gone, and I asked the security person at the enterance if they found anybody turned one in, and her response was, "I don't even know what one is". right it's 2009 and you don't know what an I-Pod is. We have Burger King selling french fries in a box called the "Fry-Pod", every big corp has some product ending with "-Pod", and this is over your head . . . "Whats this I-pod thing"?
To Quote Don Henley.
"It's an inside job
Favors collected
Your trusted servants
Have left you unprotected

It was an inside job
Like it always is
Just chalk it up
To business as usual"
Well I can say this. I thought I would be bummed out once the I-Pod was gone, but I realized most the time I was to my own thoughts and didn't really pay attention to the music as much as I had imagined. I'm pretty sure It's going to be case with the car stereo for the most part. However as most you know, who know me, there are a lot of times I like my jams.
Yea I can try to candy coat it, but I'm still "Burning inside"!

Speak'n of Ministry. Ministry was Playing at "The Shadow" on my 21st Birthday. I met Bill Rieflin at Street Side records in Westport that day and he put me on the guest list . . . So I got to see "The Mind is a terrible thing to taste" show. That was a sweet deal.
So here is the Skate park. 7:30am and all to myself.

I rode there for about 1-1/2 hours. Not hard to do, I had a good time. Some people think the park is geared toward skate boards, rather than bicycles, and that may be the case, but I'm just here learning to ride a BMX bike. It's quite a transition from Road, or MTB.
How about a local treat. An IPA from Weston Brewery. In Weston, Missouri.

I think it's better than a lot of beer out there. I hear from some people that they don't like IPA beers, because of the overly Hoppy taste. This would be a good IPA for them, because it does not have that an overly hoppy taste. I have drank some other manufactured's IPA beers that I did not won't to finish. I say give it a shot.

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