Thursday, March 24, 2011

Curiosities and the Jig

If your old enough you might remember the The Arsenio Hall Show, he would do this thing called, "Think that make you go Hmmmmm".

Ever wonder why when we see lance Armstrong lately, he's running and/or drinking beer?

How about the new location of HoldFast BMX Bike shop. Holdfast was located just off 350 highway in Raytown across from Ace Hardware. Now they are located in the Raytown industrial park. They specialize in just BMX.

The new location is 6525 Hadley Raytown, Mo. 64133

I like the guys at Holdfast, curious location. If they have Friday night jam sessions in the industrial park this summer, that would be cool.

How about a picture of Lemmy in a pair of shorts . . . I guess.

Here's a picture of the jig setup and the seat tube angle set. I picture is a bit off. Hmmmmm, if you read the scale it looks more like 73.1 or 73.2, but it's set to 73.0.

Oh Yea. . . KC Sprints tomorrow after Critical Mess at Buzzard Beach. . . . better late than never . . . hmmmmmmmm

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