Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Front Triangle Takes Shape

Got my Brass and Flux in from Cycles Design USA.

It's had some really good reviews, and I doubt I'll be disappointed.

It's starting to take shape, sans head tube fixture.

For some reason my camera isn't working at peak performance today. Might be the cold or something. When my miters are finished. I like them to look like this. I've still got to fine tune them all, I should have that done tommorow, or the next day.

One of the experiments. I got the hole hole lined up top dead center using micro washers and it worked. Only thing was there is too much slop in the hole saw's bearing fixture, and the $7 hole saw are not total precision. So I wound up with some gaps I can't exactly fix.

I guess this is why you pay the extra $150 for a Strawberry Lan 71. Then of course you need a Mill to drive it with equal precision, now we're talking $$,$$$.

In my opinion the hole is a wee bit too big. It's easier to make a small hole bigger, than a big hole smaller. If I did it over again I'd use the same setup with a size small holesaw, then take an adjustable reamer and ream the hole out to the size I need.

I think I could get away with it, but I'm not going to chance it. I'll probably saw it in half, then join the back side on like a mono-stay . . . to kinda fake it.

Yea won't this get interesting.

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