Monday, March 28, 2011

Headtube Reinforment Rings

Oh that extra 1/8" makes all the difference doesn't it when your not using bicycle specific tubing. When the fork steerer was 1", you used a 1-1/4" diameter head tube with a .035", or .9mm wall thickness. This was pretty much the standard. Since they went to 1-1/8" steerer you would think it was as simple as going up to 1-3/8" head tube. It can be, the only problem is once you bore the inside of the tube for the headset cups that leaves you about .5mm wall thinkness, about half what you should have.

So now I have to reinforce the ends of the head tube with 1-1/2" dia tube, with .058" wall thinkness rings about 14mm in length.

Mark downfrom 14mm from the end of the tube in about 12 different places. Then go around the tube connecting the dots with some "Broadway Joe White" electrical tube.

Cutting isn't too bad. I use a fine tooth count, (I think 32 tpi) for control. You don't want to get half way through .058 and find yourself off course. Fine tooth allows me to stay in control and follow the edge of the tape all the way down.

On the other hand if you think it's too slow you might loose patience, and find yourself off course just the same. I about found myself about ready to get into that boat. Next time I'll try 24 tpi. I've cut enough tubing now that I'm pretty good cutting tubing off square.

Rings Glorious Rings!

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