Thursday, March 31, 2011

Practice, Practice, Practice

Ever saw a piece of 1/2" tubing about 8" in length in half ? I've had thought about marketing my own hack saw. The saw would be extra heavy. The trick is to balance the downward motion of the saw again the top of the tube. It's my opinion this feeling would be over exagerated if the saw was made of heavier material so I could relax more while gravity does it's work for me. I've had a lot of ideas going throught my head this last week. Mostly in reguards to internal cable routing. After 2 days of investigation they have turned to be not worth the time. For some reason I call this, "Walk it like you talk it". I should be able to flow brass straight down the line better than this. With a little touch up with my dremil I can get this looking ok. I used to a year ago . . . Mmmm maybe I hit upon my problem. Also I broke my shade 3 glasses and had to work wearing shade 5. I can't see as well, so it's a little different. My new glasses will be in on Monday. I've scoured the KCMO Greater area, and not a set of Shade #3's to be had, so I had to order them. I did manage this. It looks better in person, than in this picture.

I nominate this guy for King of "Run What You Brung". I Don't got a helmut, but I have 3 pretzels and some Saran Wrap, . . . Lets do this!

Happy Birthday . . . C L I N T

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