Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday Success

Some of the usual suspects preping the trailer. No 7'-9" limit on a flatbed. Going from left to right: "The construction guy" a Bull Moose with precision. He owns Reasoner Roofing & Contracting. He was real impressive. Evidently has loads more experience than we did combined. I guess Dennis met him at the Lee's Summit skate park. He's 40 something and just decided one day to pick up freestyle. Dennis, being Dennis and "Chewy", Just like me he likes his coffee, and is one of those take inititive guys.

The view pushing the ramp up the ramp. Well actually it's setting on the ramp right now for a little break. I believe we had 8 or 9 guys there this morning.

Phrase of the day.

Fully loaded and secured


Off and down the road. I was there for 2 of the 3 loads. I didn't get to unload it though at KC Indoor Skatepark.

But on the KC Indoor web site I guess it looked at lot like this.

Where was I . . . I had to make a trip to "Out in the Sticks" as they say. When is the last time you saw a gas pump like this one. I suspect they like it this way to without the debt. card thingy. This way you have to go inside, and while your inside, why not pick up a few snakes . . . errr I mean snakes, . . . Snacks.

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