Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Finished except for the finish

I'm pretty sure I can put the torch away . . .  for now. It seems eveytime I say that, there I go again. I'm not sure what color to paint it. Powder, Wet, or Rattle can.

A little more sanding and I might even consider just a clear coat
 I'm pretty happy with the seat tube details. This gives me some ideas for other projects.
Yes I went with the downtube shifter bosses. I just might go for a set of Dura-Ace 10 speed downtube shifters if I can find some brake lever I like. I'd even go friction if I can find a set I like that can wrap all 10 cogs. Right not on my commuter I use friction with 8 speed. I've been doing it for years and it's second nature to me. recently I rode my Cross bike and I caught myself reaching down for my shift levers many times. If you ride it long enough it's like typing.

If I go clear these will need some touching up. I made a lot of different shapes for the H2O reinforcements, but everybody seemed to like these, just simple squares. I think they compliment the rest of the bike with it's fillets

The bottom bracket.
 The backside of the bottom bracket.
A last minute addition. A Columbine "Quick Chainger". Since I'm not racing, It's more for looks than anything. The idea is if you get a rear flat tire and get a wheel change, shift your bike into the last gear (Like you should on any bike), then release the the bike wheel, and the chain will land on the braze-on, so you won't have to touch the chain when you put on the new wheel.  It doesn't keep tension on the chain like a traditional chain hanger.

 Yep...The cause of much pain, but its finished

The plug style dropouts were also an experience. Stainless Steel...No Rust! The trick was to get the plug to match the inside diameter of the chainstay. in hindsight I might have gone 420mm, because I'm all about the stability. It's a road bike.

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