Saturday, January 12, 2013

Early Season Training

 I've got a lot of books on bicycle racing training. Even though it's 28 years old the best is Eddy B's book, Bicycle Road Racing. It explains all the fundamentals of road cycling. He also puts a great emphasis on pacelines, something that is really needed in books today.
Base miles and weight training is the name of the game this time of year. Easy (Zone 1 - Zone 2)long distance rides builds up the capillaries in the legs. Later in the year It's this network that will transport the lactic acid away from your muscles when you are doing speed work. Also this is the time to build power.

This is the schedule that is detailed in the book. Very simple, very easy. Start a training log and use this as your framework and build each week.
I like the program because if something comes up and you miss a day, then it doesn't disrupt the rest of the schedule. So if you can find this book I highly recommend it.


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