Sunday, February 24, 2013

The road to 85 miles

How to get ready for 85mile bike ride in 1 month, when all you have been doing is riding a trainer tooling around the neighborhood at best. Not to mention eating donuts while doing it.

Oh well, that was then this is tomorrow. The ride is call "Near April Fools Death Ride".

Basically a bunch of my friends and I, when we are out of shape in he early spring, decide to ride more milage than we are prepared to take on. Combine being un-fit with the usual windy, cold weather conditions, and the result is always a ride splintered with miserable people along the route turning it into what we call a "Death March".

Ironically this year's ride routes us through most of the countys that were evacuated during the civil war as a result of General Order 11 (1883). If you do a little reading on General Order 11 (1883) it will become obvious to you why this route will be seemingly uninhabited by human beings.

The route's road conditions very from paved (not much), chip & seal/rough (sounds like a music band), gravel, and some dirt, and in our case probably mud.

Follow along here for more detailed information.

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